Wolf Kahn (1927-2020)

Kiechel Fine Art is sad to announce that Wolf Kahn, passed away peacefully on the morning of March 15, 2020 at the age of 92. His legacy of fusion of color and spontaneity, but also reviving landscape painting in an expressive manner will be remembered.

Putney Valley by Wolf Kahn

Wolf Kahn was open with his admiration of contemporary and old masters and their influence in his work. Kahn synthesized his training with Hans Hoffman in modern abstract painting through the palette of Matisse, Rothko’s sweeping bands of color and the atmospheric qualities of American Impressionism and  American Hudson River. This forges an expressive sensuous appeal in his work.

While Wolf Kahn is notably famous for his oil paintings, his pastel drawings are equally expressive and prized.  Kahn described his pastel drawings as “a way to of recording immediate experience.”  His work borders a line of abstraction and natural representation which creates a sublime expressive quality to his works. This push and pull can be seen in his scribbling which is often referred to as his moment of apprehension. Kahn’s landscapes are expressive, poetic, mysterious and transcendent.

Dark Trees by Wolf Kahn

 Wolf Kahn’s work are in the permanent collections of major museums, which include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Hirshorn Museum, Washington, D.C.; and the Los Angeles County Museum.

At Kiechel Fine Art, we are proud to present one drawing Dark Trees, and one oil on canvas, Putney Valley, by Wolf Kahn. Kiechel Fine Art’s inventory of Wolf Kahn’s pastel drawings can be viewed here. At this time, our thoughts are this time are with Wolf Kahn’s family and friends.


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