5 Art Books to Start your Year

5 Art Books to Start your Year

The beginning of 2020 has already been exciting for Kiechel Fine Art. We all love starting our year with a fresh list of books to read. See our staffs picks of art books to read in 2020:


Dale Nichols Transcending Regionalism

Why we recommend this book is because it is such a great resource on Dale Nichols. It truly gives a great overview of Dale Nichol’s life and his motivation as an artist.  As a Nebraska native, Dale Nichols really captures the midwest and deserves more recognition for his masterpieces. He held strong roots in the heartland and Nebraska, even though he traveled profusely around the world during his career. This book is a great addition to your library and a wonderful talking point to discuss Nebraska Artists.

Kiechel Fine Art is proud to be a source for Dale Nichols artwork. We hold a variety of pieces ranging from Midwestern landscapes to his international depictions. These works can all be found here on our website.




The Story of Art by E.H Gombrich

This book is a great beginning resource about art history and is one of the most popular books ever to be written about art. It extends from cave paintings to the turn on the 20th century. This book is accessible to any age or background in art and provides an in-depth look at what defines art. You can also read about two masters that Kiechel Fine Art currently have works by: Rembrandt van Rijin and Grant Wood. Both artists have left their mark in art history. You can view Rembrandt’s etchings here.

       The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds       images


Thomas Hart Benton – Drawing from Life by Henry Adams

We are always looking out for a great resource on Thomas Hart Benton. As a premier source for works by Thomas Hart Benton, Kiechel Fine Art has worked closely with Henry Adams. He is a true expert and his writing perfectly illustrates Benton’s life and work. This book details the career of Benton and his numerous works. While Thomas Hart Benton is known famously for his oil paintings, he was a master of murals, watercolors, and illustrations. Within half a decade, Thomas Hart Benton covered the same wall space painting as Michelangelo did in his whole life!

We highly recommend this book by Henry Adams if you want to further understand Benton’s legacy and work. Make sure you stop by Kiechel Fine Art afterwards to view Benton’s works in person. You can also view them here on our website.





Wolf Kahn Pastels by Wolf Kahn

This book is written by Wolf Kahn himself and is a unique resource into the his technique and personality. While Wolf Kahn is famously known for his oil paintings, his pastels are prized among collectors and institutions. His works of landscape present a sensuous appeal and expressive qualities that are unparalleled.

This book walks you through Wolf Kahn’s work providing a detailed overview of his thought process and medium. It is a great coffee table addition. Make sure you see the few works by Wolf Kahn at Kiechel Fine art here.

        51F58amzadL._AC_SY400_  DarkTrees


The Art and Life of Luigi Lucioni

Dr. Stuart Embury, a Nebraskan Native, was a collector and personal friend of Luigi Lucioni, created this book as a resource to continue Luigi Lucioni’s legacy. Lucioni lived a dynamic life as an Italian immigrant and was dedicated to Realism in his paintings an etchings. This books reads as a biography, timeline and catalog raisons. It would be a great addition to a book collection on prints and those wanting to learn about Luigi Lucioni. At Kiechel Fine Art we have a great collection of Luigi Lucioni’s work. Make sure you check them out here.

We hope you enjoyed our list and please comment your favorite art books and recommendations!

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