Gift Art for $1,000 or Less



With the Holiday Season among us, the stress of gift giving is at an all time high. You might be wondering what the perfect gifts are for yourself or your loved ones. No worries, we got you covered! We have the ultimate gift guide for your art lover or someone who wants to start their art collection and all under $1,000! At Kiechel Fine Art, we have an assortment of artwork at varying price points. Perfect for all collectors.

Keith Jacobshagen Sketches and Giclees

Keith Jacobshagen’s landscapes are extremely well-known throughout the United States and the world for his detailed landscapes of the Midwest. Keith is constantly painting and sketching. His beautiful sketches are combinations of watercolor and graphite. He even notes the date and weather in his titles. These pieces are a perfect way to add a Keith Jacobshagen to your collection at a friendly price point.

Find Keith’s variety of sketches here.


If you are looking to expand your print collection this holiday season, Roger Medearis is a must. Roger Medearis, a student of Thomas Hart Benton, created a variety of lithographs. These lithographs are a perfect gift to an avid print collector.

Check out his prints here!

Chad M. Olson

Chad M. Olsen’s artwork is great for those building a contemporary art collection. One of the youngest artists at Kiechel Fine Art, Chad exhibits a variety of fresh abstract artwork. He works with painting on acetate, which allows him to manipulate the paint through a variety of techniques. His smaller works range from pure abstractions to soft abstract landscapes.

Check out his works that range from $250-650 here.

Kaiser Sudan

Are you wanting to add sculpture to your collection and want something smaller in scale? These cubes are perfect for just this! They can sit flat on shelves or counters, or hang on the wall! They can be paired or be exhibited solo. These colorful cubes by Kaiser Suidan are versatile and will brighten up any interior.

Check them out here!

ceramic cubes.jpeg

Wendy Jane Bantam

Wendy Jane Bantam has created fantastical depictions of Lincoln and Omaha landmarks, all under $1,000. These paintings are smaller in scale and can be easily hung or sit on an easel. They are perfect for home or office.

Check out Wendy’s work here!


Jeri Brainard

Are you or loved ones a wine coniseiur? Be sure to check out these painted wine labels by Jeri Brainard. They come either framed or unframed which allows the option to be wrapped around a wine bottle.

Beautiful and elegant, find your perfect label here.

Michael Burton

If you are looking for paintings with a rustic feel to add your collection, direct your attention towards Michael Burton. His oil paintings depict beautiful barn scenes based in Nebraska. These paintings are all listed at $900.

Check out Michael Burton’s barn paintings here.



Lyman Byxbe

Add a Lyman Byxbe etching to your collection this holiday season! Byxbe was one of many great artists who have turned to the majestic Rocky Mountains for inspiration and the subject matter of their compositions. All of the artist’s time and talent was devoted to copper plate etching in his mountain studio. These pieces would be perfect in any home or office setting!

Find Lyman Byxbe’s etchings here.


We welcome you to stop by Kiechel Fine Art at 1208 O street and see all these great pieces in person!

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