Smithsonian blog reviews “Dale Nichols: Transcending Regionalism”

Dale Nichols, End of the Hunt

ARTiculations, the Smithsonian’s art blog dedicated to giving an “impassioned view of what’s worth looking at,” recently reviewed the Dale Nichols show organized by the Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art. The show is currently on view at the Georgia Museum of Art before moving to the Montgomery Museum of Art March 17.

Dr. Henry Adams writes in the blog, “It’s impressive that such a small community has produced an ambitious exhibition and book of this scale, roughly on a par with those produced by America’s largest museums.  More than that, the show shows the virtue of bringing new viewpoints into the discourse of art history, for seemingly without intending to do so—with seeming artlessness—the catalog explodes most of what we’ve been told about Regionalist American art of the 1930s and shows that we should take another look at what was actually going on.”

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  1. Good job Bone Creek and Amanda Mobley Guenther!!! It is the digging with fresh eyes that uncovers new connections and relevant viewpoints. My own digging around Fred Geary, a private wood engraver from Carrollton, Missouri, unearthed the Kansas City Society of Artists (, and the ground-breaking efforts of Alfred Fowler ( Thank you for this Smithsonian blog post.

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