Steven DeLair talks about “Variations & Contrasts”


Last week, local artist Steven DeLair invited us into his studio to talk about his new work and his evolution as an artist. His current show, “Variations & Contrasts,” is the result of 5 years of explorations, as Steven abandoned old techniques and ideas in favor of following new “creative impulses.”

About the show, Steven says:

The paintings for this show were selected from a body of work completed over the past five years.  The small works in the show are as a whole very different from work done prior to 2005/2006.  The larger oils contain some elements of past work but are also a departure from the past.

My professional career began in 1981.  The majority of my work was sold in California to local, national and international collectors.  Arizona was also a big market with a local and national scope.  In addition, I was represented in South Florida for approximately 10 years.

During the period between 1981 and 2005/2006 my approach to painting remained fairly consistent with some modifications and refinements.  As the years passed, I increasingly felt a need to expand my creative impulses and venture into new areas in order to reinvigorate my working process.

This show represents a contrast with the past, as well as variations within the new work.  Through my exploration of various materials and subject matter I have found new avenues of approach for the present and the future.

“Variations & Contrasts” is on view January 30 – March 9, with an opening reception Friday, February 3, 6-8 p.m.
View additional work.

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