Art in the News: August 19 – September 1

Art in the News collects international, national and local tidbits to bring the art world to you.  What news escaped our radar?  Email us at to have news included in our biweekly roundup.


  • A $250,000 “gamma ray camera” may be the key to finding da Vinci’s missing painting.  Read more.
  • Berlin show brings major renaissance portraits together for the first time.  Read more.
  • Rhino horns stolen across Europe and the U.S. Read more.
  • Why has art theft increased two-fold in the last decade? Read more.
  • One hundred years of famous art heists.  Read more.


  • Picasso, Stein and Dutch masters in four San Francisco shows.  Read more.
  • LACMA’s bond rating drops. Read more.
  • American Folk Art Museum future dims as it runs out of options.  Read more.
  • Charlotte’s Mint Museum shows Southern influence on  Romare Bearden.  Read more.
  • An exhibition devoted solely to Degas nudes to open in Boston.  Read more.
  • Former NYC dealers lift $15m in art.  Read more.
  • After 30 years, collector recovers stolen paintings, is awarded $3m. Read more.
  • Thief walks out of NY gallery with $100,000 painting.  Read more.
  • New documentary offers insight on Mona Lisa theft.  Read more.


  • Kiechel Fine Art presents mini-exhibitions, Work Under $500, on display through September 9. See show. 
  • Exhibit of paintings and drawings by Keith Jacobshagen opens Sept. 6 at Gallery 92 West.  Read more.
  • Lincoln’s fall performing arts calendar available at LJS.  Read more.

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