New posts on KFA’s Thomas Hart Benton blog

Thomas Hart Benton: Benton in the News: July 14 – 28: “Benton in the News is a biweekly feature highlighting exhibitions, sales, and recent news clips about the artist. To submit news items, e…” Thomas Hart Benton: Construction Scene (Excavation): ” Construction Scene (Excavation) 1924, Crayon 13 3/4 x 16 7/8 inches Signed and dated … Continue reading

Featured Artwork: Roger Meaderis, Sweet Betsy from Pike

Roger Medearis, Sweet Betsy From Pike

Roger Norman Medearis was born in Fayette, Missouri, in 1920.  By the 1930s, he was creating “tortured imitations” in gouache of the Saturday Evening Post illustrations.  At 18, he was accepted at the Kansas Art Institute where he studied under celebrated artist Thomas Hart Benton.  Benton’s concept of Regionalism was influential in shaping Medearis’ goals … Continue reading

Art in the News: June 30 – July 21

A new feature on our blog, Art in the News collects national and local tidbits to bring the art world to you.  Published biweekly. National News: Influential painter Cy Twombly died July 5, 2011 at age 83.  The artist is remembered for his spare, child-like paintings and his departure from the mainstream postwar art movements.  … Continue reading

New posts on KFA’s Thomas Hart Benton blog

We’ve recently begun providing essays, news and media about Regionalist Thomas Hart Benton on our separate blog. View a few of our recent posts by following the links below and check continue to check both blogs frequently for updates! Thomas Hart Benton: Benton as an illustrator: “Benton’s skill as a ‘visual historian’ made him an … Continue reading