What’s a print?

Thomas Hart Benton, Strike lithograph

Prints can categorized into three basic types: intaglio, relief, and planographic. Intaglio prints, such as etchings, mezzotints and drypoints, are created by transferring from recessed surface. Relief prints, such as woodcuts, are created by transferring ink from a raised surface. Planographic prints are created by transferred ink from a flat surface; where the image is … Continue reading

Kiechel Fine Art interviews Anthony Benton Gude

Anthony Benton Gude has been painting the farmlands and prairies of Kansas for nearly 30 years. He doesn’t need to look outside to paint the land that surrounds him. But Colorado is different. Gude began sketching in the desert of New Mexico a few years ago, then shifted into Colorado. These sketches led to a … Continue reading

Women artists at the Sheldon

Sheldon Museum of Art’s yearlong exhibition, Better Half, Better Twelfth: Women Artist in the Collection, closes April 1. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you should. The Sheldon has an impressive collection of over 12,000 items, but only about 1 in 12 of those works comes from a woman artists. Recognizing this substantial gap in … Continue reading